Bringing Ethics Back Into Mechanics


Rego Checks – $42

  • While You Wait Service
  • Road Test by a Qualified Mechanic
  • Vehicle Safety Inspection
  • Vehicle Roadworthy Inspection
  • Lodge Pink Slip Electronically with RMS

Minor Service – $220*

  • Road test vehicle
  • Carry out manufacturers logbook service
  • Up to 4.5L 10w30 semi synthetic engine oil and oil filter replacement
  • Subaru upper engine cleaner
  • Subaru fuel additive
  • Carry out battery test and report
  • Check all brakes, tyres, lights and report
  • And much more, full list on our services page

Major Service – $POA*

  • All the inclusions of a minor service, plus…
  • Major service work is carried out as required and only after your approval

Loan Car ($45/day)  +  Before & After Hours Key Drop Box Available

Bringing Ethics Back Into Mechanics

We have been operating on the Northern Beaches for 5+ years, and as you can see from our testimonials page, we have raving fans in the hundreds of happy customers that we have provided a quality, professional and honest approach to vehicle services on all makes and models, not just Subaru. We pride ourselves on providing high quality maintenance on your vehicle, at a reasonable and fair cost. That’s why our customers keep on coming back time and time again.

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